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Tuneega Tuneega | Songs | Cast & Crew

Tuneega Tuneega is a Telugu movie directed and written by M.S. Raju. Starring Sumanth Ashwin and Rhea Chakraborty  as in lead role. And  produced by Maganti Ramji under Padmini Arts banner. This film was released on  20 July 2012. Rama Swamy and Ravindra Babu are childhood friends who live together. Actor of this movie Sumanth Ashwin as Karthik and Rhea Chakraborty as Nidhi. Nidhi went to abroad for further study. Nidhi is only daughter of businessman Ravindra Babu (Naga Babu). They always fight together(Nidhi and Karthik).

After 12 years, Nidhi comes to India and meets  Karthik at in a function.  Karthik falls in love with Nidhi, but he hides his identity, that he is Karthik. But after some time Nidhi knows the truth. But till this time Nidhi also loves Karthik. But, Nidhi’s family wants her to marry with someone else. So This whole movie  is about how to Karthik solves  these all problems and win his love. The story of this movie is outdated and old.

Tuneega Tuneega

Tuneega Tuneega Cast & Crew Details
    Movie Name   Tuneega Tuneega 
    Banner  Padmini Arts
    Cast  Sumanth Ashwin, Rhea Chakraborty, Naga Babu,  Prabhu Ganeshan, Sayaji Shinde
    Music  Karthik Raja
    Cinematography  S Gopal Reddy
    Editor  K V Krishna Reddy
    Screenplay, Direction  M S Raju
    Producer  Maganti Ramachandran
    Releasing  date  20/07/2012
    IMDB Rating  * * * * *

Tuneega Tuneega Songs

  • Mike testing.
  • dhigu dhigu jubilee.
  • Hatsoff oyi brahma.
  • Pedavanchullo prema.
  • Ahista ahista.
  • Dhoodi pinja lanti pilla.

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